What Is Kijabe Known For?

Image circa 1940 from AIM Archives

Anywhere you go in Kenya, if you meet someone at a gas station, police check, airport desk, this person knows about Kijabe Hospital.

Why?  What is AIC Kijabe Hospital famous for?  

1. Prayer 

So many patients choose Kijabe because they want doctors who will not only treat them but also pray for them!  They know there is a spiritual component of healthcare at Kijabe that is critical to healing.

2. Orthopaedic and General Surgery

Maybe it stems from our first surgeon, Dr. Bill Barnett, who was an orthopaedic specialist. . .maybe it is because of the never-ending trauma from road traffic accidents in Kenya. . .maybe because we share a mission complex with AIC Cure hospital who specializes in pediatric orthopaedics. . .maybe it’s the PAACS residency programs.  For all these reasons and more, Kijabe is known for excellent surgery across Sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Maternity and Neonatal Care

People know far and wide that Kijabe is the best place in Kenya to come for high-risk pregnancies, especially if they are expecting multiples (twins, triplets, quads!).  Like surgery, this excellent reputation goes back to the very beginning days of Kijabe hospital.

4. Cancer Care

A reputation for excellent cancer care is newer for our 108-year-old hospital.  Treatment started with excellent surgical and pathology capabilities and has grown rapidly with oncology, palliative care, and diagnostic services.  As the Kenyan cancer burden has grown, so trust in Kijabe as a cancer provider has expanded.

This year-end Friends of Kijabe is building a new Kijabe Cancer Center!

You can learn more and contribute at https://friendsofkijabe.org/cancercenter.


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