KCHS Scholarship/Loans

Kijabe College of Health Sciences - Higher Education Loan Board

For long-term sustainability, the Kijabe College of Health Sciences administration to assist students through the HELB program.  Contributions to KCHS are granted to financially vulnerable students as a loan, which will be available to benefit future students upon repayment.


Student loans in Kenya are only available through a school loan pool and are recovered by the HELB through payroll deductions. Kijabe graduates currently have a 95% repayment rate.


Current interest rates are 4% to the school and 2% to the Higher Education Loan Board.


KCHS recommends qualified students to Friends of Kijabe at the start of 2nd or 3rd year of study, so we are confident of academic success.


Cost per student, per year, is $2000 USD.


Direct tuition payment for students under sponsorship from outside organizations (such as children’s home graduates) may be offered through Friends of Kijabe at the donor’s request.


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