Reconstructive Surgery

How Can You Help?

1. Fund a Surgery

In America, complex reconstruction after a facial tumor might cost $200,000. At Kijabe, the cost is less than $10,000. Average cost of a plastic surgery procedure is less than $1000 and a cleft-lip repair is less than $500. To contribute to surgery for vulnerable patients, please click here. Please include “reconstructive surgery” in the additional notes field.

You will see an option for immediate or monthly gifts.  Monthly gifts do have an opportunity for matching, so please consider this option if it would fit your giving schedule.  

2. Train a Surgeon

Plastic surgery fellowship is set to begin under the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons in early 2021. Cost per trainee/year is $12,500. Click here to give to PAACS training, please include “plastic/reconstructive” in the additional notes field.

3. Volunteer

Visiting experts are quite helpful in providing training and expertise for specialized surgery. Specialists in Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery, and Neurosurgery as well as non-surgical specialties such as Audiology, Speech Pathology, and Occupational Therapy are welcome for short-term or long-term service.

To schedule a visit to Kijabe, please contact the Director of Clinical Services at

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Dr. Nolen and Dr. Macharia speak about Kijabe Surgery on the Friends of Kijabe podcast:




Meet the Team


Dr. Peter Nthumba, Dr. Justin Daggett

ENT/Head and Neck

Dr. David Nolen, Dr. Chege Macharia, Dr. Joshua Romero

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