Kijabe Pediatrics

Is it possible for Kenyan children to have access to the same quality of pediatric care as the developed world?

We think, absolutely yes.

But to provide this care requires education opportunity and overcoming barriers of cost – to make the best healing affordable for everyday Kenyans.


$2,000 of $20,000 raised for Pediatric Emergency and Critical Care Clinical Officer (PECCO)

How can you help?

1. Make an immediate gift to fund a clinical officer (nurse practitioner) trainee in Emergency Medicine.  

2. Make a monthly gift to the Needy Children’s Fund at Kijabe. 

Video by Thom Gibson

Madeline and Kai talk about their parent’s healing ministry at Kijabe Hospital.  Great for sharing with a VBS or children’s ministry.


Arianna Shirk:

Nate Cook:

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