Donate by Credit Card

Please visit to make an instant donation by Credit Card/ACH/Apple Pay.

Suggested donation default is to the Friends Fund (most needed), or you can choose among available giving options if you have a specific need you wish to support.

Donate by Check

Friends of Kijabe has an automated deposit account with Truist Bank, please mail checks to:

Friends of Kijabe
P.O. Box 896762
Charlotte, NC  28289-6762

If this is your first donation, please include this form.

Stock or Non-Cash Giving

Friends of Kijabe has a single charity account through National Christian Foundation to receive gifts of securities or other assets like real estate, precious metals, intellectual property, etc.

Please use the mutual fund transfer form to donate.

For any questions feel free to contact the NCF Carolina’s Office:
704 716-2900


Friends of Kijabe has a beneficiary account with Rethink Charity, a Canadian Non-Profit, which will provide tax-advantaged opportunities for Canadian donors:

Rethink Charity makes quarterly distributions, so please forward your donation confirmation to so we can say thank you and take action on any time-sensitive needs.


Friends of Kijabe has a beneficiary account with for Gift-Aid eligible donations: 

Stewardship normally makes disbursements once the account balance reaches £300, so please notify if you are giving toward a time-sensitive need.

Gift Acceptance Policy

Download the Friends of Kijabe Gift Acceptance Policy here