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David Shirk

Executive Director, Friends of Kijabe
+1 704 879 5106 (voicemail, SMS)
+254 702 106 275 (phone, iMessage, What’s App)

Liz Sitton

Friends of Kijabe Administrative Assistant

John Richter

Board Chair, Friends of Kijabe
+1 704 904 7571

Dr. Chege Macharia

Executive Director, AIC Kijabe Hospital

Dr. Faith Lelei

Clinical Director, AIC Kijabe Hospital

Friends of Kijabe-AIC Kijabe Hospital Board Retreat March 2023
Founding Friends of Kijabe Board Members David Shirk, Tom Tillett, John Richter
John & Denise Richter, Al & Anna Puckett, Tom Tillett, David Shirk