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  • What Is Kijabe Known For?

    What Is Kijabe Known For?

    Anywhere you go in Kenya, if you meet someone at a gas station, police check, airport desk, this person knows about Kijabe Hospital. Why?  What is AIC Kijabe Hospital famous for?   1. Prayer  So many patients choose Kijabe because they want doctors who will not only treat them but also pray for them!  They know there is…

  • Remembering Dr. Bill Barnett

    Remembering Dr. Bill Barnett

    One of the founders of AIC Kijabe Hospital, Dr. Bill Barnett, was called home to heaven last week at 106 years old.Following are are pictures and stories about the life and legacy Dr. Bill at AIC Kijabe Hospital and through East Africa. The first text is from an article in Old Africa Magazine and the Obituary is provided by…