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Kijabe College Football Kickoff

Header Photo by Ashton Clark on Unsplash I don't know how it's possible.  My calendar says it's still August, but it's college football kickoff in America today!  A huge War Eagle flag is flying in Auburn outside Chad Gibb's house.  The Dawes are watching Clemson kick...

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Dr. Evelyn Mbugua Announcement

 I want to share some exciting news happening in Kijabe. Dr. Evelyn Mbugua will be stepping into Dr. Mardi Steere's role as Director of Clinical Services.  A small part of this role will include joining the Friends of Kijabe board - we are thrilled to...

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Interview with a NICU mum

This is your baby, he's absolutely tiny, but he's in the best of hands. Gabriel at 36 weeks The Friends of Kijabe podcast was created to share real voices of Kijabe Hospital heroes, speaking about faith, life and work at Kijabe.  Often these heroes are staff, but...

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Kijabe Inspiration

As we approach our 5th anniversary in Kijabe, Arianna and I spent the day looking through memories.  We found some absolute gems that I think you'll love too.    Arianna wrote the three stories below some years ago.  Please...

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Kijabe Compassion

What does compassion look like?   Above are compassionate healers at Kijabe hospital, including members of the latest Kairos course, learning about cross-cultural mission work. . .and even dressing the part!   Update on the Mt. Kenya Challenge:...

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Words of Encouragement

"Compassion starts by understanding the hearts of others."  - Joseph, Maternity "You have shown us that every mother and every child is precious, no matter the outcome." - Dr. Steere "Even if Kenya forgets you, my family will never forget you." -...

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