“Compassion starts by understanding the hearts of others.”  – Joseph, Maternity

“You have shown us that every mother and every child is precious, no matter the outcome.” – Dr. Steere

“Even if Kenya forgets you, my family will never forget you.” – Patient

Maternity team farewell for Allyson Smith

“People will look at this and say, wow, we have a laser.  They don’t see the twenty years of history behind this.  Thank you (Patrick Thubi) for modeling how to advocate faithfully over time.” – Dr. Steere at commissioning ceremony for new ophthalmology laser.  

“The KRNA conference started by training one leader in anesthesia at Kijabe who trained other leaders, and now you can see the results.” – Dr. Newton at the 8th annual Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthesia Conference attended by 100+ providers.

“I have learned, now I’m ready to share” 

Esther Sereu, Pediatric Clinical Officer on her move to serve at a small hospital in Maasailand.  

“My theology on missions?  Jesus said go and make disciples, I think it’s just that simple.” – Pastor Clifford Hellmers, visiting from Lutheran Church of Vestavia Hills in Alabama, pictured above praying with NICU team.  

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