“A person gives because the story they tell themselves is of greater value than the gift.”

Seth Godin recently told me this when I asked about charitable giving. Aside from the fact that I received a personal message from one of my heroes, this brilliant insight really touched my heart.

We heal. We give. We teach. We love.

We care about AIC Kijabe because we are the sort of people who see the intersection of need and opportunity and act.

We don’t count the cost of caring, because the cost of not caring would be infinitely more.

In the past two weeks I have watched our volunteer doctors work tirelessly, at their own expense.

Why? Because they are the sort of crazy, beautiful people who fly around the world to work on their “vacation” and know the paradox firsthand – we get life when we give our lives away.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

We must also recognize our brilliant Kenyan and East African colleagues working in the trenches before, after, and alongside the missionaries and volunteers.  They are learners and teachers, the present and future hope for African medicine, treasures of incalcuable worth, and our hearts are always with them!

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