I want to share a conversation with Dr. Lilian Mameti, head of the Kijabe Maternity department.  The team typically delivers 200+ babies each month, but particularly special to Dr. Lilian are two vulnerable patient populations – the uninsured with cancer diagnosis and teenage girls with unplanned pregnancy.  

You can read the full transcript and listen at this link or in Apple Podcasts under Friends of Kijabe.  Excerpts are below.  Enjoy!  
“That’s why we are here. To make a difference and to live our purporse, which is to do everything with excellence.”
“Among the patient populations we’ve been concerned about have been cancer patients who come and need urgent care, yet they’re not able to pay for the services offered. These are patients who are coming and don’t have National Insurance Cover. As much as it may be a small population, we feel like the care they deserve should be accorded to them, regardless of their financial status. Our joy has been able to sort patients at an affordable cost compared to what they would have to pay in Nairobi.In 2016, we had 11 cancer surgeries for gyne.
In 2017, we rose to 31.
In 2018, we had 41.

We hope this year we can have an even higher number that are detected early to get surgical management. There is more awareness, people are coming through referrals and we are doing aggressive screening for cervical cancer.”
“A second type of population we see are young pregnant women who need emergency care.For example, a patient who comes with preeclampsia in the 7th months of pregnancy and the baby requires newborn ICU admission and the mom require HDU or ICU care, clearly you can’t refer those patients because of finances.There are teenage girls with unplanned pregnancies coming with no insurance cover, who require emergency, comprehensive obstetric care. That population is at very high risk for mortality and morbidity for both mothers and babies. They may be few, but those few deserve to live.”
“We (maternity team) are very grateful for those who have had Kijabe in their minds, and for whichever way they support, whether by been human resource, whether it’s financial, whether it’s prayers, whether it’s encouragement.‬‬”
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