I want to introduce you to the Mt. Kenya Challenge, but first a little backstory.  

Friends of Kijabe launched three years ago this May.  We are approaching a tremendous milestone, $1 million USD given for education, equipment, infrastructure, and patient care.  

I used to think fundraising was about convincing the ultra-wealthy to give huge sums of money.  But what I have seen, and what I love so much about Friends of Kijabe, is that our gifts come from ordinary people who consider it joy to be extraordinarily faithful.  

World-class healthcare in Kenya is not magic, it is a matter of faithfulness.  

Because our donors have been so faithful to the good work in Kijabe, we have received a fantastic opportunity from a private family foundation in Melbourne, Australia.  They will match any recurring monthly donations and a limited number of one-time gifts over $5000 to launch a Friends of Kijabe endowment fund.  

The Mt. Kenya Challenge

$17,057 in monthly gifts will be our goal this year to fulfill the match requirement, referencing Batian peak of Mt. Kenya, 17,057ft in elevation.  

Would you like to join in the Mt. Kenya Challenge?  Just click the button below, choose a fund, and choose the option for a monthly donation of any amount or a gift over $5000.

Any campaign is eligible. If you’re unsure, we recommend Friends Fund which allocates your gift toward operating theatre expansion, medical education and vulnerable patient funding.

Please write Melbourne Charitable Trust Match in the memo at checkout.   Click here to Give

$4,282 of $17,057 in monthly donations pledged (May 21,2019)

$8,257 of $40,000 one-time gifts received.

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