September was a great month for Friends of Kijabe.

5 KCHS students funded; a check in the mail for Bob’s Pediatric EM fellowship; a vital and quite expensive tissue processor purchased; a follow-up visit from pastor Hellmers to check on the surgical NICU project; needy patients able to return home. . .

$35,000 donated in one month. Wow!

$120,000 for Kijabe Hospital projects and patients given since June!


However, I was talking to a good friend about this, and he asked an insightful question: “Is the amount raised your metric for success?”

Not personally. Measuring success by numbers alone is a bit like measuring self-worth by facebook likes – not a great plan. Numbers will rise and fall by season, by campaign, by need, by market conditions, even by the day of the week an email arrives in an inbox. Numbers tell a story, but not the whole story.

What excites me much more is the heart and motive behind the gifts – the reason why you give. A note of blessing can mean as much as the gift itself.

Here’s some examples, hope they are as inspiring to you as they are to me:

“My brother passed away in February and since I am the only living sibling, we were blessed with some extra funds and it has been fun to distribute some of this blessing to various ministries we know about and would like to support.”

“While at Kijabe, I remember how low the (Needy Children’s) fund would run low and we would have to wait for money to come in. Always wanted to do this but wasn’t sure how. Thank you for Friends of Kijabe. The Lord bless you guys.”

“God is so good… we’re thankful, honored, inspired to be part of what you and the team are doing in Kijabe.”

“Tell the lab that we love them and think of them often. We pray God will continue to bless and enrich their lives for their faithfulness to His calling. I long to see them and rejoice in God with them. They are beautiful people and I so love them.”

Simply beautiful.

I am convinced that out of all measures of success, love is the best metric.

Pediatrics and Maternity Teambuilding
Several of the thirty children in our always-full newborn nursery/ICU.
Dr. Lee Demeester on his 19th trip to work in the Kijabe pathology department.
Boaz, one of the KCHS students whose loans are now fully funded!
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