What does compassion look like?  

Above are compassionate healers at Kijabe hospital, including members of the latest Kairos course, learning about cross-cultural mission work. . .and even dressing the part!  

Update on the Mt. Kenya Challenge: we’re at $5,247 in monthly gifts and $29,712 in one-time gifts – amazing progress!  Thank you so much to those who have participated, we appreciate you!

Following is a wonderful story of how a compassionate doctor, a generous giver and healthy dose of God’s grace saved a Kijabe patient.  Enjoy! 

“I really don’t know what happened…why he got so sick and why he recovered so rapidly. God does amazing things.” – Dr. Josh Romero

Kijabe doctors don’t often run.  So when I saw Dr. Romero hustling from operating theatre to the emergency department, I knew the situation what critical.  

Here is how described the events in medical terms: 

Nicodemus came to the E.R. in respiratory distress, stridorous and satting in the 80’s on a facemask on 10L. I scoped him again and everything had scarred down…he was breathing through maybe a 2mm slit. He was also febrile to 40 C with a HR in the 150’s, and blisters on the back of his throat. I thought I’d have to do an emergency trach in the ER but thankfully someone else’s case had cancelled in OR so I got a room. We couldn’t intubate and put him to sleep…we had to do it awake under local anesthesia.

Postop he went into shock…we put him on pressers and fluid resuscitate him. He bled profusely…after his surgery we had time to run a CBC and found that he had a platelet count of 2. We figured he had some kind of runaway autoimmune process and started him on high dose steroids along with antibiotics. I talked with some folks in the States, we were all baffled at what could be going on.

Amazingly he rapidly recovered…we transfused him whole blood (it’s all we’ve got) and the bleeding stopped. He came off pressors, his fever broke…by postop day 3 he said he felt fine…we kept him only to get a longer start on his ITP steroids. He walked out of the hospital about two weeks after coming in.

I really don’t know what happened…why he got so sick and why he recovered so rapidly. God does amazing things.

– Dr. Josh Romero

Dr. Josh Romero with Nicodemus in operating theatre.  Dr. Romero is a Samaritan’s Purse post-resident ENT surgeon serving in Kijabe for two years.  

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