Meet Joe Lehman, 10-year-old from south Georgia,  a die-hard Ohio State fan.  This summer, in anticipation of college football season, Joe created a football preview guide with his top 25 rankings and players to watch.  He printed and sold copies, and sent $30 he earned to Friends of Kijabe!

Inspired by Joe, I want to introduce a way to give that is designed to be a fun way to involve the football fans in your life.

From now until the championship game on Jan. 7th, if you make a donation to the Operating Theatre project at Kijabe, you can designate it to your favorite team*.  We’ll add it to the scoreboard, and share with each Friends of Kijabe email.

Feel free to get creative, whether passing a bucket at a tailgate, creating a Facebook fundraiser, contacting your alumni club, or whatever else you think would help your team raise money for a great cause.

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