How do you run a hospital with a budget of $10 million to standards of a $100 million facility?

How does a mother of 3, making $2.50/day, pay for a $1500 femur repair for her son?

How does the pathology lab buy a $20k tissue processor when their purchasing budget is $0?

How do you increase staff salaries for 800+ employees by 20% without increasing patient costs?

How do you upgrade the maternity unit when there are six laboring mothers in waiting and two in active labor within the deliver room?

How do you get a sit-down meeting with senior leadership of the World Health Organization and Red Cross?

How do you maintain the infrastructure and staffing to perform 10,000 surgeries in a year?

How do you see 500+ outpatient visitors in a day with 6 treatment rooms?

How do you ensure decide what sort of lifesaving measures should be allocated to an 800 gram preemie?

How do you train nurses and clinical officers to be the best in the world for $2000 a year?

How do you house 15 surgery residents and their families so they can study at your facility?

How do you achieve infant mortality rates on par with the United States?

How do you cut surgical-post operation infection in half year-over-year?

How do you keep 15 missionary doctors engaged and happy in their work, avoiding burnout?

How do you retain Kenyan consultant staff who could earn 2-10x their salary elsewhere?

How do you convert to an EMR without funds for a $300K hardware cost?

How do you steward healthy relationships with the local community that enables them to join in your work?

How do you navigate the cultures of different tribes, ethnicities, and nationalities working together?

How do you handle orthopedic caseload when the waiting list is 1-year long?

How do you become sustainable within the many overwhelming, dichotomous needs?

How do you make health care provision a ministry – what does Healthcare to God’s Glory actually look like?

How do you ensure that every guest and every patient has a great experience at Kijabe Hospital?

How do you provide world class health care in the developing world?


When you think about the magnitude of these questions, you realize two things:








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