First, I am blown away by the generosity by so many of you around the world.  Things that seemed completely impossible two months ago have come to pass.  See the checked-items off our needs list:

Second, I want to share we’re seeing in Kijabe right now.

As America starts to open up, Kenya remains in the thick of restrictions and closures.  Patient numbers are ticking upward as government hospitals limit availability.  Tigoni hospital in Limuru has converted to a COVID-center, which brings an influx of patients to Kijabe.  Outpatient visits hit 299 and 327 on Monday and Tuesday this week, closer to normal levels than we’ve seen since March.

Maternity/NICU have been packed, oncology services are full and expanded to the Nairobi clinic.

Surgery is seeing complicated issues due to late presentations of illness or inadequate management before patients are referred to Kijabe.  NHIF (national health insurance) is starting to approve a wider range of procedures, so numbers are starting to move upward.

Finance is a challenge, as normal Kenyans feel the weight of a constricted economy.  The needy fund team is having many more calls. Interestingly, the amounts being disbursed are often much smaller than normal. 

Third, and maybe most important, is what patients are saying.  Facebook exploded with good reviews about childbirth in Kijabe.  

These comments are testament that the gifts you provide to Friends of Kijabe, both during the pandemic season, and over the past 4 years help real people. They are so grateful for the compassionate care you provide!  

Some of my favorite reviews are below.  Enjoy!

Beatrice Karomo Best hospital ever ??? 
After 26 hours of labour with a whole cheering squad of members of staff our lil Angel was born 4years ago. And immediately after a successful delivery head doc gave us all chocolate??
I was spoilt with care. Will be back soon Godwilling

Merry Merry Ndumia Personally can attest that your services are awesome ana wonderful.Have had 4 C’s there and can’t complain.May you continue rendering such great services to Kenyans..Pass my regards and gratitude to Maureen,the lady on the first row with spects,she was awesome, helpful to me and Baby Myles while in maternity wing jan 2020 .God bless all your staffs.

Rachael Kabuba You people saved my life, and there is a dark short nurse called judy(not sure of the name) was on duty on the 1st of Dec 2018 may God be kind to her same way she was kind to me…never get tired of telling every mother congratulations, trust me we notice the smallest of things

Beth Karuri I was born there 38 years ago AND 8 years ago,I came back to have my son there.Who knows may be even my future grandkids will be born there.Your maternity is great!God bless you all for the good work.ASANTE!

Shii Mrembo I gave birth there and my baby was weighing 700 grams baby of 26 weeks and now she is five months now weighing 5.5 kg Kijabe is the best hospital ,, salimia doc,Esther,ema,bob and liana msungu and i can’t forget bishop and all nurses in nursery starting with Poline,Eva,milinest and others for good job they did when we were there last year.

Njeri Kamunge Had an emergency CS several years ago, Dr. Brian accompanied me to the theater and together with the other Medics they saved my life and that of my daughter. Nurses Christine and Joy Kanyiri give me the best services in the wards. God bless you all.

Wambui Njoroge The best hospital i will come there for all my babies??i was there this year january best care…..God bless you and thank you so much

Marie Njeri I too am a witness I have had three births there and no complains whatsoever may you continue with the same spirit as God will guide you.God bless all of you.

Loise Waruhiu Kijabe all the way. U saved my son in 2016. Nurses Valma n Naomi?? barikiweni sana. And all the paediatric doctors u r blessed.

Katrina Marcus Njeri THE BEST.. Having experienced both of your facilities Main n Naivasha branch. excellent services &friendly doctors. May God bless you for the good work.???#Myalltimehospital

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