Why do you study for years and years to go through the most grueling process of medical training, only to forego your salary and move to Kenya to work as a missionary doctor?

Why do you pay to go on “vacation” on the other side of the world, only to work brutally hard shifts in a complex medical system just as you are fighting jet-lag?

I’ve been asking these questions in the past months, and here are the three main answers our volunteer doctors have given.


Taking advantage of the opportunity to serve, to offer hope and healing to the least of these, to be the healing hands of Christ.


A close connection with a colleague serving at Kijabe – service gives you the opportunity to work alonside them, support them, or give them rest.


Teaching and supporting innovation in the East African medical system in ways that will change practices and patient outcomes forever.

We are grateful for you, whether you are reading this from Kijabe, Australia, North Carolina, Seattle, or another corner of the world. Thank you for your faith, your friendship, and for choosing to make an impact!

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