How do you describe Kijabe Hospital to a friend or colleague?

What words and phrases do you use?

Personally, I often say, “AIC Kijabe Hospital provides world class health care in the developing world.”

So when I saw this article by Bill Gates, titled Why I Want to Stop Talking About the “Developing” World, I clicked through and read it.

Turns out, the article is actually a book review of Factfulness: Ten Reasons Why You’re Wrong About the World, and WHY Things Are Better Than You Think. Gates calls it one of the most important books he’s ever read, and I completely agree.

Some of my takeaways:

I realize the way I think and speak about the work of Friends of Kijabe could be much more precise than developed and developing, poor and wealthy.

I see that our patients are on a measurable spectrum, rather than just needy or not needy.

I realize the nursing students who received scholarship loans this year will jump 2-3 levels because of of the investment.

I see about the tremendous needs that our surgical training programs will meet as Africa moves past extreme poverty and huge numbers of people need access to specialized healthcare.

I realize that what is happening in Kijabe is also happening around the world, and I have great hope that we are at the forefront of amazing things to come.

So please, give Factfulness a read, and let me know what you think, particularly as it relates to your understanding of Kijabe. Click through the links to find it on Amazon.

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