This was a big week for Kijabe Hospital, at long last we celebrated the formal ceremony launch of the Elimu Education Building.

Peter Tum, Principal Secretary of Health (roughly equivalent to the Surgeon General in the United States) commented, “everyone has a story to tell about Kijabe.”

We thank all of you who contributed to the Elimu building, for intertwining your story with the countless lives affected by the work of Kijabe Hospital.

Following was a brief remark I offered to the official guests from Ministry of Health, Kiambu County Goverment, Christian Hospitals Association of Kenya, the Kijabe Hospital board and various other partners who attended.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

My work is in storytelling, and I want to highlight the stories that make up the foundation of this building.  The true foundation is not dirt or rock, it is people.  Living stones as 1 Peter calls them.

Each name on the plaque has a story behind it – someone, who seeks to honor the memory of a loved one, cares about Kijabe Hospital, who wants to see medical education advance in East Africa.

To highlight several, Dr. Abumrad (Vanderbilt), Dr. Goodgame (UTMB), and Dr. Garcia (UofW) are leaders in medical institutions in the United States, who not only gave, but also sent medical trainees to Kijabe.  It is significant that they trust Kijabe with their doctors, and to note that Kijabe is a training center not only for Africans, but for doctors from all over the world.

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Two doctors, Dr. Matson, and Dr. Nguyen gave first to the Elimu project and then moved long-term as missionaries to Kijabe.  They gave their treasure and also gave their hearts!

Living in the Elimu building are Medical and Clinical Officers who are sent by the government for internship.  They carry the knowledge gained at Kijabe to hospitals around Kenya, and they serve with the heart of a missionary even in government facilities.  We are so excited about their stories and the change they will make throughout Kenya.

Honored guests, we thank you for being with us on this occasion.

Pediatric HDU/ICU

Simulation Center


Elimu Ribbon and Cake Cutting

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