In Kenya, the wait is ending.  We are currently at 38 known cases and acknowledged community spread.  A few last international flights go out tonight, local produce markets are closed, matatus are limited to half-capacity and 7 pm curfews have been imposed. 

Leaders for Kenya and Kijabe have an opportunity to learn from the challenges other countries faced and are working to get proactively ahead of the problem. The lesson is that most places in the world were slow to react and take the crisis seriously.  I don’t love being on lockdown, but it is crucial to buy us time in preparation to save lives.

The Bethany Kids Children’s Center team has agreed to convert the building into a COVID Center.  The main Kijabe Hospital will maintain most normal services (high-risk like Dentistry/ENT will be closed).  Pediatrics is moving back to its pre-2017 home.  

Bethany Kids Children’s Center, to become COVID center

The hospital continues to procure personal protective equipment, the RVA community is sewing gowns, the Friends of Kijabe board approved a temporary reallocation of reserve funding for pandemic related use.  

As Dr. Muma says in the video below, “this is a time to engage family, to slow down and think about important things in life.  We know that if we are able to attend to staff needs, we have won half the battle.”

We’re opening an emergency donation fund, you can find that through this link or on the main website at

Immediate needs are personal protective equipment like masks and gowns, cleaning supplies, testing kits, and small oxygen concentrators.  We’re exploring what will be the best option to address the major challenge posed by splitting the oxygen system between two adult facilities, I will keep you updated in the coming days.  

Please pray us – for energy, wisdom and divine provision.  Knowing what lies ahead is a terrible blessing, an opportunity to prepare, but every day a growing awareness of the gravity of the situation worldwide.  

Temperature Check, Screening and Hand Sanitizer for all staff and visitors

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