If you spend time on the Bethany Kids Pediatric Ward at Kijabe Hospital, you will notice unusual names such as Victor, Blessing, Hope, Mercy, Angel.

These names are the prayers of parents and caregivers who are desperate for hope.  The name is a testament to the struggle these children have passed through – the name is a symbol and a memorial.

Blessing Ann, pictured above, is one such patient. She is an orphan, who had already endured much hardship before she placed her hands on cooking ashes.  She was brought to Kijabe by her orphanage, desperate to find the blessing of healing.

I absolutely love watching surgery. Seeing Dr. Bird operate is like watching an artist at work. Even watching Dr. Nthumba perform skin grafts is amazing.

But I cried all the way through Blessing Ann’s surgery. Slits were cut in the burned skin between each of her fingers, and pins placed to stretch them out of her tight fists.

Maybe it’s imagining my own daughters in such a state, or realizing the pain she must endure in the coming months to regain her mobility. It just broke my heart.

But she can and will be healed, just like the little Somali boy I saw last week. This little boy was in the ICU two years ago with severe burns covering 80% of his body. He returned for follow-up, and though he has scars, he looks like any other boy – it is amazing!

So here’s what I need you to do. Click below and either make a donation or share her donation page through social media/email.

Her bill will be less than $2000 and we already have $650 donated, so this is completely achievable.

Hand before surgery, unable to open.

Dr. Nthumba releasing her burn contractures.


Recovery and waiting for a followup visit to the operating theatre.


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