Have you ever been in a new country where you couldn’t speak the language? Remember the struggle to communicate, the gestures and pantomime needed to find a bus or buy food at a restaurant?  
What if that feeling was permanent?  
Imagine hearing that live you need a laryngectomy, but the procedure would render you unable to speak.
Then imagine if your doctor told you there was hope, a way to restore your voice!  
Visiting ENT Dr. Steve Yeh and Dr. Chege Macharia recently restored the voice of patient James.
“This patient and another earlier this year at Kijabe are likely according to Dr. Macheria among the first in Kenya to have their voices restored after total laryngectomy by a surgically created passage between the windpipe and the esophagus within which a prosthetic one-way valve is placed to prevent saliva leakage back into the airway. Dr. Mark Singer, the co-inventer of the Blom-Singer method of voice restoration and I were fellow ENT residents working on different ideas for surgical prosthetic voice restoration, Shortly after we both finished our training, Dr. Singer hit on the present idea that really worked. Kijabe Hospital received a few samples of the device courtesy of Dr. Singer that we are putting them to good use.”  Dr. Steve Yeh
*We have learned that a team from Vanderbilt performed 9 of these procedures last year on the coast.
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