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Print #1 Orthopaedic Waiting
“The harvest is plenty, but the workers are few.”
Every Monday and Wednesday, hundreds of patients gather in the hallway waiting for pre-operation or post-operation visits with the orthopedic surgery team. More than a million Kenyans need surgery today, but lack financial resources or hospital access.
Kijabe is a training site for multiple surgery programs, teaching not just medicine but also discipleship and leadership skills.









Print #2 Bethany Kids Waiting
“Let the children come to me and do not hinder them.”
Special needs children in the waiting room for developmental clinic at the Bethany Kids Children’s Center. Much stigma surrounds special needs children and resources available in Kenya for special needs are precious few, be it schooling, parent education, physiotherapy, wheelchairs/braces. Kijabe seeks to care for these children as Jesus would, providing surgery, counseling resources, pediatric care, audiology, feeding training, rehabilitation.









Print #3 Hospital Courtyard
“Heal me and I will be healed, save me and I will be saved.”
Patients and visitors “sunning” in chilly Kijabe. Though Kijabe is on the equator, elevation is 7300 ft, so is very cool during rainy season. The central courtyard is a gathering place, especially during moments of sunshine. On Sunday afternoons, the place is radiant with visitors coming to visit family after church, wearing their Sunday best. The journey to Kijabe can be long, with some patients traveling from as far as Sierra Leonne (4,000 miles) in search of healing.









Print #4 Outpatient Sermon
“Behold the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”
Pastor Kithae preaches to a crowd in the outpatient department. Kijabe has 10 chaplains, one for each major department of the hospital, including for staff and Kijabe college of health sciences. The 1000+ Kijabe staff and students meet regularly for more than 70 different bible studies.









Print #5 Surgery Training
“Whatever you have learned from me, put into to practice”
Dr. Beryl Akinyi, graduate of the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons training program guides the hand of a young doctor learning to suture. Kijabe is an internship training site for 30 doctor and clinical officer interns each year. The experience is transformational as they rotate through pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery and obstetrics, learning all the fundamentals they will need to practice medicine independently throughout Kenya.









Print #6 Anesthesia
“I will lie down in peace, for you O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”
Safe anesthesia is not to be taken for granted in the developing world, it requires excellent training, specialized equipment and diligent work by the doctors and nurses administering medicine. Kenya Registered Nurse Anesthetists undergo an 18 month training program at Kijabe, most sponsored by government hospitals and facilities around the country. Such education is the core of what makes a mission hospital missional: influencing the broader health system through education and discipleship of leaders.









Print #7 Delivery
“You heard my cry and you answered me.”
There is an eternity in the seconds between a baby emerging from the womb and the first healthy cry. Sometimes it doesn’t come, and the delivery team must be ready to take action. The Kijabe infant mortality rate is 10% lower than that of any other hospital in Kenya, not because of equipment but because of diligent training to handle emergencies in labor and delivery.









Print #8 PAACS residents
“Do not thank me, thank God. We surgeons, we are just the instruments. It is God that heals you.”
Dr. James Joseph Apollo, general surgery resident of the Pan African Academy of Christian Surgeons, prays that peace will hold in South Sudan so he can return to serve his people. Kijabe has been a training site for surgeons from over 20 African countries, many of whom will be the first of their specialty, such as pediatric surgery graduates in Madagascar and Rwanda.









Print #9 Physiotherapy
Take up your mat and walk!
Imagine what it means today to hear the words that Jesus spoke 2,000 years ago.


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