Online Credit Card/ACH Donations

The donate button below each campaign will open a pop-up donation window.  If you don’t see within several seconds, use the webpage at

Donation can be one-time or recurring and  designated to a surgical/medical subspecialty.  

Secure donations are processed by Stripe, an industry-leading payment processor.  You will be given the option to create a Kindful account, or you can email david@friendsofkijabe with any donation questions/issues.  

100% of your donation goes to the project.

Mail a Check

Friends of Kijabe

2629 Oakmeade Drive

Charlotte NC 29676

Please include your name, phone, email for receipting and any other details you would like us to know concerning your gift.  


Donate Directly

Use Donate Direct to give from a Fidelity Charitable Trust or Schwab Charitable Donor Advised Fund.

Friends Fund

Most Needed Purpose

Needy Children

NICU, PICU, and Oncology patients

Pediatric Surgery

General, Plastics, Orthopaedics

Surgical Needy Fund

Obs/Gyn, Orthopedics, Breast Cancer


Ear, Nose & Throat

Training Programs

PAACS Surgical Training

General, Pediatrics, Orthopaedics

Sponsor tuition for a resident


Nurse and Clinical Officer Training

Scholarship loan for a student

Emergency and Critical Care

Clinical Officer

Nurse Practitioner Upskilling

Scholarship for a Student



Equipment and Projects


Hearing Aids and Testing Equipment


Equipment and Expansion


Equipment and Training


Oncology and End of Life Care


Cataract surgery and outreach events



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