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For the Poor

The best medical and surgical resources in East Africa for patients  unable to pay.

For the Future

World-class training for nurses, clinical officers, anesthetists, and surgeons.

For You

You have a key role to play in God’s mission to the world.

Understand the Need

The annual budget for Kijabe Hospital is approximately $10 million.
200,000 outpatients

20,000 inpatients

10,000 surgeries

30 consultant physicians

25 medical interns

150 annual international visitors

20 surgery residents/fellows

75% of Kenyans are at risk of impoverishing expense by a catastrophic medical event.

50% of patients have national health insurance, which usually covers 80% of a hospitalization.

15% – NHIF disbursements for delivery services do not fully subsidize the cost, Kijabe loses 15% on each delivery.

0% – By AIC church regulations, Kijabe Hospital is not allowed to take out loans for capital projects.

$500,000 is lost each year in unpaid debt incurred by patients who do not have financial resources to pay.
800+ staff need salary increase of 20-40% in 2018 to meet Kenyan national averages.
Virtually every hospital in America depends on charitable fundraising measures, Kenya is no different in this respect.

The difference between Kenya and America, in Kenya a gift goes 50-100x farther!

Recurring gifts, short-term visits, long-term international missions add sustainability and move available medical resources forward in measurable ways.

You can make a huge difference.

Current Project: Theatre Expansion

Why is Surgery a Priority?

With 50 surgeons sharing 8 operating theaters and a waiting list of up to a year for orthopedic and plastic surgery, Kijabe desperately needs to expand theatre capacity.   7 additional operating theaters, educational and storage space will be added with a build-time of two years.  Read more about the project details and how this fits into the Kijabe 2018-2022 strategic plan.

Why Friends of Kijabe?

I was never one to venture into international volunteer work, but I realized it wasn’t as big a hurdle as I thought.

Helping the patients is good, but getting to know the people working at Kijabe has become opportunity to support not only the hospital, but our friends and colleagues in the medical community. John Axelson

Oncologist, Friends of Kijabe Board

If I am going to ask someone to give, I must give first.  I feel the excitement and nervousness as I click the donate button on a new campaign. I am reminded each month of my impact with recurring giving.  Though I am not a doctor, I am proud to participate in the healing work at AIC Kijabe Hospital. David Shirk

Executive Director, Friends of Kijabe

How Much Should You Give?

The average Friends of Kijabe donor gives $763 annually.  Here are suggestions based on stage of life.  Whatever you can give, we are grateful.


100% of your donation goes directly to projects.