Needy Children’s Fund

The Needy Children’s Fund is how you provide the best care to the patients least able to afford it.  This is a team effort, with patient families contributing as they are able, national health insurance paying a portion, and the Needy Children’s Fund available for the remainder.

Even a small amount makes a big difference as most payments are between $100 and $500.

Some basic costs

$30 – Day on wards

$100 – CT scan

$100 – Day in ICU

$1000 – Full course of chemotherapy

$2500 – Burn treatment (including surgery and recovery)

We will email pictures and brief stories you of patients you are helping through your donation.  Or if you prefer to see ahead of time, visit the home page to see crowdfunding campaigns.

The donation button above will open a pop-up window, or you can give through the kindful site here.

2018 VBS Video, click the Vimeo logo to visit the full site and download.

Video by Thom Gibson