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Blesssing Ann went to Restart Center through the children’s department of the Government of Kenya having been placed under care and protection following neglect and abandonment by the father. Her mother had fled the home following repeated mistreatment by the husband. She had been threatened by the husband about custody of the children. He would never let her leave with her children. After two days of hearing continued cries in the locked house, the neighbors decided to break in and rescue the crying children. Their father had locked them in the house at the time and did not think about them till three days later when he showed up and was arrested. First to be brought the Restart Children Centre was Blessing Ann’s brother John Gathungu who was 3 months old at the time.  She was reunited with her brother weeks later when charges were brought up against her father and she had completed her court appearances as a victim. A few months after Blessing Ann had settled in and became more playful and trauma having been overcome.  She was, however, quite a handful and so one evening she sneaked out past the nanny taking care of all the 17 little children at the Restart Nursery and managed to get to the hot ash pit. She fell hand first into the hot ash and was rescued by one of the staff who rushed her to the nearby local Hospital. She underwent treatment for severe burns on her hands and fingers. Blessing Ann recovered and was left with burn wounds on her hands and fingers. However, over time the wound pulled her fingers inwards requiring corrective surgery. The orphanage has since  been seeking help for her to have the fingers released to enable her have full use of her hands. The procedure will be performed by Dr. Peter Nthumba, veteran plastic surgeon at AIC Kijabe Hospital and president of the Surgical Society of Kenya. Personal Quote from the caregivers: “Blessing Ann is the most outgoing and sweetest child we have ever had at the Restart Centre. We hope she can get all the help possible to live a normal full life.” Please note Blessing Ann in the additional information form at checkout.